Using Live Chats on your website

Customers often have a different experience with the world of digital marketing, as they mostly buy from home and alone. Their mobile device, tablet, or laptop is the means that allows them to access a virtual store on a specific website, where they have the freedom to choose a product or service offered on that website. 

A very useful tool in these cases is “Live Chats,” which provide better interaction between the user and the business. Sometimes, the customer needs advice on what the website offers, and they may even visit the “Frequently Asked Questions” link or contact technical support or chat with a chatbot. 

In these cases, the best alternative is for a business to have an active Live Chat system in order to resolve customer doubts. It is a window through which the customer can communicate with an agent who provides a service similar to that of a salesperson in a physical store.

What are Live Chats and How Do They Work?

Live Chat is a communication space that allows customers to chat immediately with an advisor. It is a window that automatically appears in the lower corner of a website page as a suggestion to resolve any doubts the user may have.

The difference between this system and chatbots is that behind the window, there is a real person with thoughts and feelings who works to provide an effective and quick solution to any problem or doubt that arises. 

While a chatbot offers the same service, it has AI algorithms that can get confused and divert from the real nature of the problem. For this reason, Live Chat refers to the existence of an agent responsible for attending to customers who, in turn, offer a more personalized treatment, fully understanding the concerns the customer presents before providing a solution.

Benefits of Having Live Chat to Improve Sales

The main advantage of the Live Chat system is that it allows the same agent to work from several chat windows at once, attending to several customers simultaneously, something that would be impossible through a phone call.

Live Chats have a primary objective in the field of digital marketing, which is to ensure that sales are made, favoring that the purchase process is carried out without fear on the part of the customer and avoiding abandoned shopping carts. 

Other additional benefits of Live Chat include:

  • Users have the opportunity to rate the quality of service they have received from the agent.
  • It allows for the establishment of statistics on product marketing and frequent doubts.
  • It analyzes the efficiency of the performance of each agent.
  • It has a catalog system where the agent can click on a specific topic to quickly search for possible solutions.
  • It has a system of abbreviated and automatic texts (pre-set greetings, farewells, and responses).
  • The different Live Chat windows can be transferred to other agents with more knowledge on a specific topic.
  • It allows for the optimization of the agent’s presentation window to generate more user confidence.
  • The information provided in Live Chats can be stored in a database to be monitored in terms of quality and customer service.

Top Live Chat Providers to Consider

Today, there are many online platforms that have a software structure that can be implemented on other websites, making the execution process and use of Live Chats easier. Some of the most recommended providers are:

– Livechatinc:

It has economical monthly plans that allow an unlimited number of agents. They have a popular service called “Team,” with options to work with various brands, generate user problem tickets, and store chat history unlimitedly.

– Livebeep:

With Livebeep, system optimization will allow intelligent invitations to users, as well as creating automatic responses, editing the contents for which Live Chat is used, and establishing follow-up visits.

– MyLiveChat:

The plans offered by this provider focus on an unlimited number of agents. Additionally, MyLiveChat offers a free version that allows storing conversation histories for a period of three years.

Other services provided by this platform include visitor monitoring, spell checking, support in multiple languages, file transfer, the ability to use simultaneous chats, and customization of chat screens.

Undoubtedly, Live Chat is a very powerful communication tool that will contribute to the success of a company, as its use will enable real-time communication with potential customers, and hence generate more sales.